Common documentation for international maritime transport, vehicle transport and overseas goods transport

Are you moving overseas and interested in transporting household goods, personal belongings, furniture, cars or other goods to your final destination? If you need to ship cargo internationally to the UK, Australia, India, France, Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world, there are some imp

International shipping usually requires different forms and documents depending on the country of origin and your final destination. For example, if you are shipping a 20' or 40' container filled with your household goods and personal belongings overseas, you will likely need to provide a detailed packing list.

It is important to note what language this packing list must be written in, as well as understand the level of detail required. Sometimes you will be asked to provide it in two languages. For example, if you are shipping to Norway, you should plan a detailed inventory with one copy written in English and crewing agency in bangladeshone in Norwegian.

For many countries, simply stating "miscellaneous" on the box is not enough for customs officials. It is usually helpful to provide a more detailed packing list in order to best navigate the shipment through customs. For example, if you are shipping appliances to India, be prepared to provide information that indicates the date of purchase and is marked with make, model, and serial numbers.

You may also be asked to provide the quantity and value of your items. If you are required to provide inventory with a declared value, you will need to list all the items you wish to insure with a replacement value for each item.


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