Most players support Asmongold's criticism of World of Warcraft's latest update

Most players support Asmongold's criticism of World of Warcraft's latest update

Asmongold is a long-term player of World of Warcraft and a content creator of streaming media. Recently, he expressed his views on World of Warcraft's blocking system on the streaming media, and at the same time expressed his disappointment with Shadowlands expansion. Because World of Warcraft is fanatical, it is one of the games that many players defend with enthusiasm. Therefore, Asmongold believes that the direction of the overall long-term plan for the development of the game is very important.

Asmongold said that because he is very passionate about the World of Warcraft game, he will criticize the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, hoping to further inspire the expansion. In a sense, World of Warcraft is one of the longest-released MMO games in history, and it continues to provide new World of Warcraft Classic Gold content for its players and fans to this day. At the same time, Burning Crusade expansion will be introduced to players to continue its World of Warcraft Classic style. Although the game can still survive many bad luck, Asmongold hopes to see the real growth of the game again.

Asmongold pointed out, Blizzard is constantly adding outdated, clumsy systems to the already flooded content of World of Warcraft. And in the Alpha phase of each new expansion, players can quickly point out these defects due to wrong design choices. Many people hope that Blizzard can take into account the feedback from fans. Players have always been looking for a better steering wheel, but Blizzard is focused on everything related to hoverboards, such as how it will fly, what fuel it will use, and whether seat belts should be worn. This means that Blizzard has introduced an overly complex system, which not only increases the World of Warcraft, but eliminates the fun of the players. This may be due to excessive balancing behavior required, or due to incompleteness or roughness of the system.

Asmongold said Soul Ash and Conduit Energy were his most frustrating things while playing Shadowlands. He believes that these systems are deliberately created because Blizzard wants to use future patches to make them better, but although the hoped result is that players are happy to try to use them after the final improvements, they would rather think it is about time. These currencies exist because Blizzard’s vision is to have a currency for everything in the game, or when they are there to extend the game time required to realize the world, this may be what the right Warcraft players want . It may be suitable for free games, but for subscription-based titles, this seems to Buy WOW Classic Gold be an excuse to avoid making important content.

Asmongold gave an example of Conduit Energy. Players can use Conduit Energy to switch freely between two Conduits. If players want to play Raid and PvP separately, but the cooldown time after each refresh is very long, then players can use Conduit. Energy has come to lock themselves out of different activities. Asmongold believes that if Blizzard wants the game to maintain the same innovation and courage, then he should also produce more high-quality content similar to the Legion. Obviously, most players hope to continue playing World of Warcraft in the next 15 years.


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