This is the perfect area to work on your Agility ability to levels below 60

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This is the perfect area to work OSRS GP on your Agility ability to levels below 60 if intend to maximize your performance per hour. One drawback is that you won't earn any Marks of Grace since it isn't Rooftop course. As it is located within the Wilderness it is vital not to bring anything of value (including Grace Outfit pieces) Only food, stamina potions and summer pie - you might be killed by pkers that are looking for a opportunity to make some money from you. Summer pie is required to raise your Agility from 47 to 52 as this is the amount that allows you to take this course.

In the city of Falador player can take a different route to simultaneously Canifis in addition to Wilderness. On the first of those areas , it is recommended to train players who want to acquire Marks of Grace in the fastest time. In the second, those who wish to get their level as quick as possible. At Falador Agility Course should stay those who are looking for an equilibrium between marks and experience.

Similar to Wilderness course, we'll require Summer Pies to boost agility up to 60, which is the threshold to be able to take this course. This course provides the most rewarding experience past level 60 however it is not free of Marks of Grace since those don't have spawns in the course.

If you have completed hard assignments in Kandarin Diary you should choose this course because it's an excellent way to improve your Agility training past 60. Successful completion of this mission allows players set Camelot Teleports to portal them near the bank. This significantly reduces the distance and could save you many hours, making it worth it.

This course isn't any more buy old school runescape gold impressive than Seer's Village (especially in case you want that additional Magic exp) but it is best exp per lap course in the game. If you're a fan of stopping throughout your laps or bored of Seer's Village this one might be the best choice for you.


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