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Her daughter, Milini, certainly inherited Khan's larger-than-life fashion sense. Daniel Lee has introduced a sunny alternative to his cachet Bottega Veneta Puddle boots: the Puddle sandal. With a penchant for mixing eras and putting a Gen Z twist on a '90s wardrobe classic she can make a vintage Chanel spring 1995 tweed suit look exceptionally cool and current, Rodrigo's looks have been just as impactful as her sound.

I'm so happy to be Golden Goose able to bring that back to them again. At the time, Vogue's Sarah Mower credited the shoes with some of the collection's success, referencing the genius of the wedge sandal that made every single look work. Let me see that slice of midriff, that sparkly belly button ring, that lower-back tattoo.

Like all Loewe bags, the Puzzle is handcrafted in Madrid, with approximately nine pieces of leather precisely patchworked together. The process takes an estimated nine hours. It's a good problem to have since the business is growing, but with deadstock and vintage, there's an access problem, Ahluwalia says.

We were a little late to the party in North America, says Stein. I know Golden Goose Sneakers many people are contemplating whether they will go back to the gym post-pandemic, but for me, it's time to say goodbye. Another time the butterfly made a big debut was during the surrealist period of the 1920s.

The genius part about Bonham's fashion choices is that she has always subtly nodded to the film she is promoting as well. Take her 1994 appearance at the opening of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, where she wore a spooky but chic black gown with a velvet shawl and lace gloves. Or her look for the 2010 world premiere of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, where she wore a white dress with a sweetheart neckline and an embroidered heart on it she played the Red Queen in the film.

Amina has an aesthetic and a flow going, just in general, you know, I wanted to make sure that whatever we did it bridged the gap between both of us, and it moved cohesively. It was easy collaborating with Amina. Her collection isn't just for the girls.

The gift felt natural for Rombaut, who has long admired Grimes and Musk even before they had gotten together. I have been really a fan of each of them, so it was both worlds that were merging when they were having a baby, says Rombaut over the phone from Paris. Since they announced her pregnancy, I was dreaming of making a shoe for the baby, because it is the representation of the future and hope.

Jessica Alba, who also works with Ta, is keen on what she calls a daytime smoky eye for her Thanksgiving makeup. After a coat of Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara on the lashes and rimming the lower lash line in a universally flattering taupe gold liner, she uses her eyeshadow palette to swipe a rich metallic shade into the Golden Goose Outlet crease of the lids and a lighter hue on top, to further open the eyes. Alba also suggests having a sheer nude gloss and concealer on hand for touch-ups before family photos.


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