I usually take 4 food, plus a full tortoise of it

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There's no need to be a college to score 15 kills or more per round, even at your level. I'm telling you this is the case right now. Anything, usually some form of teleportation due to what RS 3 Gold I was doing at the time and sometimes, even archers/warriors. Ammo: Broads. I use these for 10+ kills per day at 78 in range. They're cheap and not so bad as many think.

I usually take 4 food, plus a full tortoise of it, 12-15 prayer potions (damn these go fast) as well as a home tab with a set of boosting pots, but no defense, and also darklight. Oh and the lantern. It's likely that you'll swap things such as CLS to a Korasi's Sword or something (excellent one-handed stab weapon). I hope that helps, only recalling my own weapon.

After having completed The Fremennik Isles last night just before midnight (lmao) I've began to feel like a quester. I'm planning to do Monkey Madness (and the 2 quests you must complete before it) and wanted to know if I've got the right stats to get through it easily? Will I be able to complete it without losing my life If I follow the guide? I'd probably be killing everything.

So I recently went F2P while I was on vacation and decided to go for 70 def before I start paying for it again. I'm just 38k away, but there are some problems clearly, I'm f2p. This limits the number of monsters. You already know. Space in the bank. I don't own any and I must buy food items from the stock. I still have about 600k from my vacation, so I have the option of buying food in case I have to.

Armor. As of now I'm wearing a rune plate with legs, full helm, and 2h. I'm wearing lightness boots with a ring of riches, ghostly cape and gloves as I put them on after I went on f2p. do not want to carry them around, but I also would like to keep them safe from being lost.

I don't know why but I decided to add range and mage. Perhaps you know a good method to improve defense and also one of those skills? Thanks in advance!

I specifically inquired if that photo was readable. So unprofessional. There is no doubt about it, yet, whatever. On these forums, people have no real power anyway. I'm sorry , I didn't read your "warning post" Holl.

Just wanted to share that the CC has gone to shizzle. There is nothing you guys do more. It used to be fun. It seems now to be is higher levels trying to make lower levels feel like Buy RuneScape Gold a shzzle in the face of trying, and all activities that are communally organized are intended for higher levels.


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