We didn't meet on bnet (partly because I didn't know

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Because we were on separate servers they couldn't trade us the WOW Classic TBC Gold gold for the precious heirlooms. They created an char and offered me the gold needed to buy three pieces. I can still remember standing in the ironforge and thinking about how bizarre the whole process was.

We didn't meet on bnet (partly because I didn't know the best way to go about it) however, it was one the most kind things people did to me as I mastered the game. If you're out there I'm still grateful man!

We reconnected in vanilla. After our server broke up, and we all chose different servers (language preference) and we stayed in contact. He offered me gold in exchange for The Unstoppable Force. I was a poor person, but the man understood that it was my "dream".

I'll never forget the guy who ended my guild. I didn't receive the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare achievement. I was awarded the meta achievement that gave the mounts. I tried , multiple times. I was shocked when he came to my aid and helped me succeed in my goal. I nearly cried, I was over the moon! I am in love with my protodrakes. One of my most favorite mount models.

Let's say an unrelated PUG mythic + group needed a tank, therefore I queuing up. It was similar to a +2. They were stunned. The other four guildies are also guildies so I'm expecting a kick. "No Problem!" "We are terrible." They werent but they did 5 more M+ after I was taught routes and mechanics. They even offered me a place on their raid team as tank or healer.

There was a person I met during my first guild raid , stay with me after raid. She and her boyfriend helped me get gear and brought me my SL lego. The guild, however, wasn't nice to me personally and I didn't go to any more raids.

My group is awesome.. We help each other out in various ways. I had a guildie pay for a month's game time, when I was struggling and could not afford it. They're always available for me whenever I need them. I've had a generally good experience with WoW likely due to my guild. The majority of bad experiences are PUGS and even then it's extremely rare.

I like to run low on my highly well-geared tank, just to buy WOW TBC Gold help those who are less geared or newer get quick gear. It's not a lot but it must feel good to be the sole DPS sitting in the group finder and to see a blaster tank apply to get the group rolling


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