What Disney Movie has the Ugly Character?

Disney movies are best known for amazing visuals and beautiful characters in the movies. But one can not deny the role of ugly characters that matters a lot in any series. Any anime story needs both the protagonist and the antagonist.

 Ugly characters are an essential component of any Disney movie's storyline as they are playing a crucial role in balancing the protagonist.

Occupying the legendary and horrific features the ugly characters like the evil queen in Snow White and Hades in Hercules made their unique recognition among anime lovers.


Today we will discuss Ugly Disney Characters, in this post. Have a look.


Ugly Disney Characters


We have curated a list of Ugly Disney Characters


  • Drizella and Anastasia:- Cindrella


 The two most iconic and unique ugly characters are the sisters of Cinderella, Drizella and Anastasia who portrayed the character as nasty and jealous of Cinderella's beauty and glow.


  • Evil Queen: - Snow White and Seven Dwarfs


One of the best-known antagonists in the Disney movies, the Evil Queen is from the movie Snow White and Seven Dwarfs and has made recognition of an unforgettable villain.


  • Ursula: - The Little Mermaid


Among the most well-known Disney Characters Considered Ugly, Ursula has played the role of a scary sea witch who possesses a deep voice and an unattractive appearance.


  • Mother Gothel:- Tangled


When it comes to knowing the ugly Disney Characters no one can forget Mother Gothel who is one of the most eminent Ugly characters in Disney movies on the movie Tangled. She is known for her dishonesty and manipulative attitude.

  • Jafar: - Alladin


Jafar a well-known Disney character from the show Aladdin, is best known for playing a famous nasty character who possesses a hooked nose and a terrible appearance. 


These are some most recognized ugly disney characters, who played significant roles in their

Respective characters.


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