New World: The best PvE builds for career upgrades

New World: The best PvE builds for career upgrades

Players who have played MMO New World may have noticed that weapons and the attributes the player decides to upgrade play a vital role in the player's ability to successfully perform tasks and the player's abilities. For new players, the good news is that the player can actually reset the player's attributes up to level 20, and when the player explores different weapons and professions to find the most suitable combination for the player, the player will definitely do so. After level 20, resetting attributes requires a price.

The profession, weapon, and attributes that the player ultimately decides to stick to Buy New World Coins depend on the needs of the player's individual, political party, or company. Although the game allows players to go out to perform various tasks alone, there will be more advanced tasks and opportunities, such as expeditions, invasions, and outpost raids, which require at least two other players in the player team to complete them.

Sword and shield are one of the most balanced and comprehensive effective weapons in New World. It can well balance crowd control and personal defense, which makes this weapon combination one of the most attractive weapon combinations, especially for new players. The secondary weapon in this version should be one of the two-handed weapons with high damage levels. The player's best choice is the Great Axe or Warhammer.

If the player is looking for a powerful DPS build for their team, then this build will enable the player to cause a lot of damage, especially if the player is surrounded by multiple enemies. Using the Fire Staff as a player's secondary weapon will allow the player to require crowd control that cannot be provided by a musket or rapier.

If the player’s team has a good healer, the New World Coins player should be able to concentrate and direct these points to any dexterity or intelligence. Players will need both to unleash the full potential of the weapons they use. In addition, players can also purchase a large amount of New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to quickly arm themselves and enhance their comprehensive strength.


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