Effective Ways to Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram

Instagram has become the fastest growing social media platform around the world.

Are you looking for ways to turn off read receipts on Instagram? If yes, then you landed on the right place. In this article below, I'll provide some effective steps on how to turn off read receipts on Instagram .

What is Read Receipts on Instagram?

The Read Receipts feature is a handy way to keep track of when someone has seen your Instagram Story.


The feature doesn't have an on or off switch, so it's always active — though you can turn off the alert sound. Read receipts will appear as a small blue checkmark in the top right corner of a post, letting you know that someone has read your Story.

Can You Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram?

The answer is yes. You can turn off read receipts in Instagram , however you'll want to achieve this at the app itself.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram

In order to turn off this feature, follow these steps:


  1. Open the Instagram app and Click on your profile icon 
  2. Click on 'Settings' and then click on 'Account Settings'.
  3. Scroll down until you see 'Read Receipts' and tap 'Turn off' next to that option.

Why Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram?

There are many reasons why you may want to turn off read receipts on your account:

  • Privacy - Many users do not like the idea of ​​others knowing when they have viewed their posts or stories. This could make some people uncomfortable about posting matters that are probably embarrassing or private in nature.


  • Security - You might also want to defend yourself from stalkers or different undesirable interests by means of retaining your non-public posts till they're ready for public viewing.

Marketing - If you no longer need people to recognize once they have been studying, this will hurt your marketing efforts on the grounds that it might restrict how regularly someone sees your content before they determine whether or not they need to engage with it further.

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