Elden Ring: The 10 Weapons With the Highest Faith Scale

There are literally hundreds of different weapons available to choose from in Elden Ring Items PS5, and it is absolutely essential to locate a weapon that is proportionate to your build

There are literally hundreds of different weapons available to choose from in Elden Ring Items PS5, and it is absolutely essential to locate a weapon that is proportionate to your build. If you want your character to be well-rounded and have access to both supportive and offensive incantations, a Faith-based build is the way to go.


A weapon that adjusts its damage output based on your Faith rating is an essential component of any faith-based build. There are a lot of weapons that scale off of your Faith, but these are some of the best ones that you need to go into the Lands Between and find as soon as possible.


Golden Halberd In the games based on the Soulsborne series, the halberds have always stood out from the crowd.


1. Because of their excellent reach, high base damage, and creatively quick attacks, they are ideal for a wide variety of situations

2.  The Faith scale of the Golden Halberd is always a D, even after it has been upgraded multiple times

3.  It never reaches an incredible level

Because of its significantly higher strength modifier, it is an excellent choice for Strength/Faith builds. The Ash of War that it possesses is a powerful incantation called Golden Vow, which improves both your offense and defense. Because it also has an effect on your allies and those around you, this Ash is a fantastic addition to an already impressive weapon.

The Sword of the Night and the Fire

The basic attacks of the Sword of Night and Flame can deal damage in three different ways: physically, magically, and with fire. If you have a high Faith stat, the fire damage that this weapon deals will be prioritized, and it will be significantly increased. In spite of the fact that your magic damage might not be as significant as usual, the additional elemental damage will be helpful when dealing with bosses who are immune to fire.

Night-and-Flame Stance is a special ability that comes equipped with this weapon. You can use a direct magic beam attack or a sweeping flame attack by switching between these stances, which gives you that flexibility. This weapon also encourages the use of a possible Faith and Intelligence build, but the incredible power of this weapon can be accessed by focusing on just one stat at a time.

Erdtree Bow

The Erdtree bow is unique in that, unlike other bows, it does not require the use of specialized arrows to imbue each shot with an elemental affinity. Instead, the bow itself takes care of this aspect. If you have a bow that gives holy affinity to every arrow you shoot, even relatively ineffective arrows can all of a sudden become quite useful.

Because you have to spend your runes on a variety of arrows when you build a bow, the cost of the build can sometimes be quite high. However, this bow enables you to purchase standard arrows and treat them as if they were unique. Mighty Shot is Erdtree's special ability, which is also found on many other bows. Although it is a generic ability, when used properly it is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage and is an excellent way to begin a fight.

No matter how many times they patch it, the Halo Scythe Hemorrhage buildup effect in  Elden Ring Runes XBOX will always be one of the best in the game.

This Scythe deals holy damage that is proportional to the user's Faith, and each hit from the weapon also adds a hemorrhage buildup to the target.

This is a one-of-a-kind weapon thanks to the Ring of Light ability that it possesses. Using this ability causes a ring of holy damage to be cast, which then fires at the location of the enemy. While you are casting, your weapon won't deal any damage, but the rings will, and the amount of that damage depends on your Faith skill.

Maliketh's Black Blade

Maliketh's Black Blade begins with a scaling of D and has the potential to be upgraded to scale off Strength and Faith with a 'B. When obtained later in the game, this weapon's already high base damages have the potential to contribute to an incredible amount of combined damage.

Destined Death, the one-of-a-kind ability of this weapon, functions much like an attack launched by its previous wielder. The blade deals holy damage as it swings around the player and eventually stabs the group, causing an area of effect explosion consisting of a dark vortex. This skill not only has a short-term effect of reducing the maximum HP of your opponent, but it also has a short-term effect of draining their health.

Gargoyle's Blackblade

Although this weapon might not be your top choice by the end of the game, it is very easy to obtain much earlier on and deals a significant amount of damage. This weapon has massive base physical and Holy damage, making it a viable early game alternative to the majority of the other weapons on this list despite the fact that it does not scale very well and that the only scaling that improves is its strength scaling.

The Corpse Wax Cutter ability is exclusive to this particular weapon. After bringing the sword down in front of the player, a Holy damage beam will roll out in a vertical direction in front of them. This can be especially helpful, as it provides you with a ranged holy attack early on in the game.

Golden Order Greatsword

Although many weapons also scale based on a character's strength or dexterity, the Golden Order Greatsword scales much more heavily based on Faith than it does on any other stat. If you put your trust in this sword, it will undoubtedly deliver a powerful blow to whoever crosses its path.

Establish Order, the one-of-a-kind ability of this weapon, unleashes a two-pronged avalanche of holy power on unsuspecting foes. The first action it takes is to inflict holy damage in the form of a golden explosion, which is then followed by the sword launching golden energy blades at the target. The weapon is a snowballing sword of light that builds on a foundation of unwavering faith.

Scythe with Wings

The Winged Scythe may be similar to another reaper in that it inflicts damage similar to that of hemorrhage and focuses primarily on Holy damage, but it differs in a few key ways that place it much higher on this list. The user's fundamental attacks with this weapon ignore forty percent of any damage dealt to a target who is blocking. If your opponent is getting too comfortable behind their shield, this can help quickly turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

Angel's Wings is a remarkable ability that has become an extremely well-attended spectacle in recent years. If a boss in the game gives the player the ability to leap into the air and dive towards a target with a sweeping attack, then the boss should be the one giving the player this ability. This weapon is highly recommended for those who prefer to quickly close the distance between themselves and their opponents, as well as those who dislike fighting enemies who wear armor.

Greatsword of the God-Killer

If you are going for a build focused on dexterity or faith, you absolutely need to have this weapon. With high base stats and damage that scales with both Dexterity and Faith, this sword is capable of dealing an incredible amount of damage. This greatsword, in addition to having attacks that are faster than those of other greatswords of its size, also has some of the quickest and most devastating greatsword attacks.

The Queen's Black Flame is a Unique Skill that not only provides an additional boost to the fire damage but also has an effect that lasts for a significant amount of time. Once a target has been struck by the black flames, the flames will continue to burn the target for a brief period of time after the initial hit and will deal additional damage. If you are able to correctly time your casts, the additional damage caused by these black flames will be increased to its maximum potential.

Blasphemous Blade Managing your health effectively is one of the most important aspects of the Elden Ring, and as your Faith increases, you will be given a few additional options for how to remain fully healed.

In addition to having a very high base damage and a high scaling of Faith for its fire damage, the Blasphemous Blade also causes your own health to regenerate when it is used to kill an enemy.

The player recovers 4% of their starting health with each kill using this weapon after they have just equipped it, and the open world of cheap Elden Ring runes (read more) is full of easy mobs of enemies that can be wiped out for your healing. The capability to steal lives is bolstered by the one-of-a-kind skill known as Taker's Flame. A blaze of undiluted fire damage can be unleashed upon an opponent by lighting the blade on fire and then hurling it to the ground. You will receive health from any enemy that is healed by this blast, even if they survive. 

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