Madden nfl 23 Players Plagued with a Frustrating "Loss Glitch"

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Mut 23 coins is been officially launched. Unfortunately it seems that the latest entry in the franchise has been released with numerous bugs. There's one issue that is a major issue when talking regarding"Loss Glitch" in the Madden nfl 23 Franchise mode "Loss Glitch" that is seriously affecting people's enthusiasm for continuing on.

In the past few years over the past few years, this Madden NFL franchise has taken plenty of criticism from members of the community. There have been complaints that this game is nothing more than an upgrade of $60. There are also known bugs in previous versions that range from gameplay to the appearance of certain players. It seems like Electronic Arts had made comments that it would ensure that it could solve these kinds of issues for Madden nfl 23. there remain a lot of problems, including players losing all their stats, in a Franchise game and also in playing the actual game.

Over the last several days on social media, users have been pointing out the Loss Glitch as the most irritating of all in Madden nfl 23. This particular bug seems to be most commonly affecting offline franchise modes by erasing the outcomes of a win even when the player blows off their AI opponent out. The glitch doesn't only alter the result but also wipes out any statistics that the player could have accrued.

One Twitter user SBrudnok67. mentioned a number of times that Madden nfl 23 marked down one of their major wins, as a loss. The player claimed they had a win in a game between Seattle Seahawks and Jacksonville Jaguars 42-7. However, when they returned to the main screen the game was a 7-0 loss and didn't amass any stats.

Loss Glitch Loss Glitch is far from the only issue that the game has encountered since its debut just this month. In fact, there were even problems regarding the title's launch with regards to its trial time available on EA Play. Several users reported that the trial counter was not working right and they had run out of trial time prior to playing for 10 hours. Responding to these complaint, Electronic Arts extended the Madden nfl 23 trial period and granted players unlimited play until the MVP version was officially launched.

Several online users voiced frustrations over this year's entry into the franchise having these kinds of problems again. Many wondered if buy mut 23 coins would be worth the money, particularly with the extra $10 price tag for Xbox Series X/S as well as PS5 versions. These types of issues do not solve those concerns.

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