Level 1 Elden Ring player kills Malenia within 17 seconds -- A Complete Guide

So far, difficult gameplay of Elden Ring has been widely known in gaming community.

So far, difficult gameplay of Elden Ring has been widely known in gaming community. The combination of ruthless enemies and oppressive environments makes game a daunting challenge -- but for some hardcore gamers, it's not enough. If players want to get enough details, please click on professional game provider IGGM, there, they can acquire useful items.

Players are always looking for ways to add base gameplay to their favorite games - Fast Runs add an extra element of A Tight Clock; "No Damage" runs focus on precise strategy, finishing game unscathed; and so on. These playstyle changes make game exciting, even for an already difficult game like Elden Ring.

But now, players of Elden Ring have really done it all. Players are no longer satisfied with Unarmored Runs, Hitless Clearances, or Fast Runs, they have begun beating bosses in shockingly short periods of time. One Redditor u/Still-Stay8668 accomplished an insane feat - beating Miquella Blade Malenia in under 17 seconds.

How did U/STILL-STAY8668 strengthen their builds to defeat ELDEN RING's MALENIA?
Upon release, Mikaela's Blade Marinia quickly made list of Elden Ring's most powerful enemies. As a Demigod-Type Boss, she uses Magic, Weapons, and Unparalleled Attacks—all with healing effects. Her two-stage combat, while optional, is no joke, and experienced players have been fighting her.
However, Elden Ring player u/Still-Stay8668 not only easily beat Malenia, but did so in record time. In a battle that took only 16.7 seconds, they went all way to Buy Elden Ring Items. Even more shocking, they did it at level 1.

u/Still-Stay8668 Dual-wielding curved swords from Bleed Bandit, both with Seppuku Ash of War skill. With Godrick's Greatrune activated, they also made sure they had tiers of buffs. Crystal Tears in combination with Flasks of Wonderrous Phsyick increase Agility and Strength, while consumables like Bloodboil Aromatics increase Attack Power.

Not to mention various Amulets, Items and Helmets u/Still-Stay8668 used throughout fight. Switching from A Black Dumpling Helmet to A White Mask, throwing Wild Flints and Stinky Pots all result in frantic attacks for decisive victories.

That's not to say that players are only as powerful because of their size; most importantly, they use their quick thinking to negate any damage Malenia could do. Something as simple as a thrown Cauldron completely cancels Malenia's Crimson Eternal Night, reducing time and preventing damage in one go.This build just showcases sheer creativity of Elden Ring players. Build experiments like this and buy Elden Ring Runes can lead to a major boost and make players truly feel like an Elden Lord.

Above is whole content of this article. Although this version of game only shows pure creativity of players, it is also worth a try for players, which can improve efficiency of game.


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