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How to install and use Trezor suite on Windows 10? 

Using a Trezor hardware device comes with several requirements that you need to fulfill if you wish to get started with this wallet service. After you have purchased your wallet device, you need to make sure that you install the Trezor suite first. This software or tool is pretty necessary because it is the only platform that could help you set up or initialize your wallet. After you have installed Trezor suite on your device, you can not only set up your wallet but also take some more actions with it.

As it is clear from the title, we are going to discuss how Trezor suite can be used in connection with a Windows 10 device. So, let's jump in and try to find answers to all the queries that we have in our minds regarding this tool.

Is the Trezor suite compatible with Windows 10? 

Yes, the Trezor suite software can be installed on computers running different operating systems including Windows 10. The Suite is available for PCs based on operating systems such as Linux and Mac. In addition to that, the Trezor suite can also be installed on mobile devices such as iOS and Android. Now, that you know you can easily install Trezor suite on Windows 10, let us now take a step ahead and learn the procedure to do so.

Steps to install Trezor suite on Windows 10

Grab your Windows 10 device and start to apply the steps that I have explained below to start enjoying all the benefits of Trezor Wallet on your Windows PC:

  1. Begin the process by reaching from any browser
  2. Click on the "Download for Desktop" drop-down
  3. Now, choose the given Windows icon to initiate the installation of Trezor suite
  4. The platform will automatically recognize the version of your Operating System
  5. You can then wait for a few minutes to let the installation complete

As soon as you are done installing the Trezor suite on your device, you can start the process of setting up your Trezor wallet using the Suite. In case you need guidance on the same, check out the steps in the upcoming section.

Set up Trezor wallet on Windows via Suite 

  1. Connect your Trezor wallet to your PC using the USB
  2. Following this, you can launch the Trezor suite that you've just downloaded
  3. Next up, enter your PIN that you'll use to unlock your wallet
  4. Now, follow the remaining steps to complete the process


This blog post was all about using the Trezor wallet with a Windows device. If this is the first time that you are going to use the wallet, I am sure this guide will help you get started. Especially if you are using Windows 10, then this post has been specifically crafted for such readers. In case you find any difficulty on your way to completing this process, then you can make sure that you are following each step carefully. 


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